Custom Choices

We understand you’re different. Let us help you to create a design that suits your workplace or home. With our dozens of products, hundreds of colours and a range of textures, we’ll find the perfect fit.

Colours & Finishes

We offer an extensive range of powder-coat colours, which means our products work in any space. We partner with leading suppliers, including Dulux, Interpon, Oxytech and Pacific Gold to offer 300+ colours. We can answer any questions you have about finishes, gloss levels or colour selection and what this means for product performance.

Perforation Patterns

We have a wide variety of perforation patterns that can be applied to our products, creating distinctive designs. Perforations not only add an artistic touch, they also enhance the acoustic performance by allowing sound to travel through the cabinet. Acoustic performance can be further enhanced by placing Acupanel™ — a scientifically proven, sound-absorbing material — behind the holes.

The result is reduced noise in the workplace, locker-room, office lobby and the home.

About Lucy Simpson

In 2019, Planex engaged First Nations designer Lucy Simpson from Gaawaa Miyay Studio to create three new perforation patterns: Yuurra-gi (speaks of movement)/ Buunhu (kangaroo grass) Miimii (river’s edge/grandmother). The design is exclusive to Planex and all copyright remains with the artist/designer Lucy Simpson.

Planex is proud to support the incorporation of First Nations peoples’ cultures and stories within our range. These designs enable the telling of stories within the built environment, as part of a living culture.


Our products are designed to be ‘lock agnostic’ and compatible with most locking system manufacturers. Choose the system that provides a comfortable level of security, from master keying to electronic combination locks, and we will integrate your choice.