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Adaptable Features Of xLocker2

As the office landscape changes, xLocker2 introduces a unique steel personal storage solution for flexible, agile, activity-based working (ABW) environments or end-of-journey storage for commuters and mobile workers.

xLocker2 is 
: A range of flexible and reconfigurable lockers that connect together. 
: A connection to the building and a place to start and end the day. 
: A place to store work and personal belongings and recharge portable devices. 
: A personal storage solution for agile workers and their multi-purpose workplace providers. 
: A spatial and functional solution for different working environments.

xLocker2 as a standard product has the ability to be used in multiple environments. Designed to provide dynamic universality required in the flexible, agile, ABW workplace, xLocker2 is a multi-use locker system that clips together to create flexible freeform personal storage solutions. 

Flexibility Features 
: Reflecting staffing numbers, xLocker2 units can be uniquely replaced, reconfigured or relocated.
: As group requirements change various group units can be integrated or removed.
: xLocker2 takes up the flexible ABW challenge where modified sports lockers fall short.

Cable Ready 
xLocker2 has been designed to provide a means of reticulating services to all the units. Each unit has a frangible port that can be soft-wired for recharging personal devices. 

Wired features 
: An integrated cavity between units that provide for hard-wired electronic locks and the fitting of soft-wired power GPOs.
: There is no need for separate ducting or conduits; xLocker2 is the conduit.
: xLocker2 units sit on standard height plinths allowing networking and wiring to be hidden underneath, out of sight and accessed by a removable front panel.
: Plinths are fitted with adjustable feet for levelling and end-caps for running wiring.