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All About xLocker2

Planex’s steel locker system xLocker2, is a unique steel locker storage solution for flexible, agile environments or end-of-journey storage for commuters and mobile workers. xLocker2 can be customised with a choice of colours and finishes, optional perforations, laminate or veneered doors and various locking systems. Available in two widths, components can be reused and reconfigured to create different layouts while steel construction brings strength, durability, and design flexibility to provide a locker system to meet scalable requirements as needs change with time.

As the office landscape changes, xLocker2 introduces a unique steel personal storage solution for flexible, agile, activity-based working (ABW) environments or end-of-journey storage for commuters and mobile workers. Designed to aid collaboration, drive productivity, maximize space and provide better flexibility than traditional locker storage, this personal solution solves the problems associated with individual storage needs in communal multi-purpose work environments. 

An evolution of the highly successful Planex xLocker range, xLocker2 features the possibility of soft-wiring to power portable devices. A new joining system allows faster assembly on site and reduces the number of tools required and allows for simple reconfiguration and re-use. Like the original xLocker, xLocker2 can also be fitted with laminate or veneered doors to create a customized fit-out, while still maintaining modularity, optional perforations, choice of colours and finishes, various locking options and up to 100% recyclability.