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Bookcases & Shelving

One of the simplest ways to organize your office is to incorporate steel shelving. Shelving is an effective space saver in small offices and is useful for decluttering workspaces and providing easy to access storage for paperwork and desk items. You may ask ‘Why is steel shelving a better option than joinery?’ Steel is stronger, lasts a lot longer, has more colour options and fully recyclable.

S-Series SB Bookcase
Planex’s S-Series SB Bookcase is a sturdy, fully welded bookcase that’s ideal for projects with tight budgets or for simple backroom storage. 370 deep and available in 6 heights and 2 widths, the bookcase has a smooth flush inside panels giving them a resolved look, which sets them apart from other metal bookcases. 

S-Series SP Open Cabinet
Alternatively, the S-Series SP Open Cabinet at 500 deep suits general purpose or archival storage where having the extra shelf depth is important. A modular, freestanding system the open cabinet is a classic and flexible storage solution designed to meet the demands of the modern office.

X-System Shelving
X-System is a custom shelving system designed for unique installations and a system for creative play. This highly customisable shelving system means no two installations need be the same. A clever shelving solution, it comprises two parts - the X pillar and a shelf that can be trimmed, joined to any length, or even travel around corners. From a simple credenza to an extensive wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling structure, X-System is significant for its made-to-order modular design. 

Environmental Manufacturing
Environmentally safe to manufacture Planex’s range of bookcases and shelving are made of 100% recyclable BlueScope steel (featuring up to 20% recycled content). Made in Melbourne, using locally sourced materials they are manufactured for disassembly, GECA certified, Green Star compliant, free of volatile organic compounds and manufactured in a ISO14001 and ISO9001 certified production facility.