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Choosing Locks For Your Locker

Planex’s steel lockers are designed to be compatible with all locking system manufacturers. Users are not limited to a specific lock as the system provides various levels of security to match the client’s needs. There are several locking options available such as master keying, electronic combination locks, hardwired locking options that can be integrated with base building locking, hasp padlocks, dial tumblers and control key options. Lock specifications are detailed below.

Gantner: RFID swipe card 
Featuring Hardwired and Battery options, the GAT NET.Lock 7000 incorporates a Red/Green LED light and programmable beeper and uses GAT Relaxx Software providing intuitive locking feedback to users. 
Lehmann: Huwil Cam key lock
Available in keyed alike or keyed to differ, the Huwil Cam’s standard key-range allows up to 1,000 different master-key capable combinations. The barrel is also replaceable.
Lehmann: Combination Dial Lock
Featuring Single User and Hoteling options, this ultra-secure lock has over 10,000 4 digit combinations. Programming is as easy as pressing a button. Use the key and simply reset it to your combination.
Artia: Rotor hasp lock
A rotor hasp lock is an attractive accessory when using a padlock with your locker. A classic and inexpensive locking security solution for lockers without the hassle of managing electronic or combination locks. Padlock not supplied.
Lock Focus: Key pad L200 
Single user or repeat user code with up to 30 individual user codes the L200 has sub-master and master programming with memory retention for codes and settings even without batteries.
Lehmann: Key Pad MT400 
Keyless locks for shared or individual use the Lehmann provides users access to belongings with a 4 digit access code while management access is provided via a bypass key.