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Customise Your Furniture

Planex’s R&D team are equipped with the experience, prototyping and production equipment to manufacture original made to order products. From locker systems to sliding door cabinets, planter boxes and tambours, our award-winning range can be highly customised in a range of colours, finishes, accessories and perforations. 

Modular Range
Designed to standard sizes the building blocks of Planex’s modular storage range can be customised with a choice of colours and finishes, optional perforations, laminate or veneered doors. 

Choice Of Colours & Finishes
Choosing from over 150+ powder coats colours designers can customise furniture by featuring doors in various colours, shades and textured powder-coats. Furniture can be personalised using different textured powder-coat to form a variegated mosaic. Individual units can be custom colours and door colours can be different from that of the unit’s body. 

Choice of Perforations
Steel doors and fronts can be perforated to add a degree of individuality to the fit-out, create visual differentiation and to match other Planex products such as planter boxes. Custom designed perforations and punch patterns can also be created. 

Tops & Shrouds 
The visual character can be further enhanced by the use of other materials such as ply top surfaces and shrouds. 

Acoustic Treatment
To minimise noise in the workspace an acoustic-rated sound absorbing material called Acupanel™ can be added to doors. Acupanel™ can also be used as a pin board on the inside of the cabinet door and comes in a range of colours to compliment the cabinet body.