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Environmental Features Of xLocker2

Planex’s steel locker system xLocker2, provides a sustainable storage solution for flexible, agile environments or end-of-journey storage for commuters and mobile workers. Unlike joinery and conventional locker systems, xLocker2 has many environmental advantages.  It can reduce the amount of new non-renewable resources needed for manufacture and does not require the use of solvents or VOC.  

xLocker2 can be reused, reconfigured and repurposed. This extends the longevity of the fit-out, and unlike fixed joinery, it can be simply relocated to a new site if required. xLocker2 replaces the use of unrecyclable MDF, engineered, and man-made boards used in joinery fit-outs and can be fully recycled so it isn’t destined to end up as landfill at the end of its lifecycle.

Environmentally safe to manufacture xLocker2 is made of 100% recyclable BlueScope steel (featuring up to 20% recycled content). Manufactured in Melbourne, it is produced in a factory, which uses a 100 kWh roof-mounted solar array to provide over 30% of factory electricity needs. Made using locally sourced materials xLocker2 is manufactured for disassembly, Furntech-AFRDI Green & Blue Tick certified, GECA certified, Green Star compliant, free of volatile organic compounds and manufactured in a ISO14001 and ISO9001 certified production facility.