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Government & Council Lockers

While government organisations and councils handle many of our community’s most important needs, Planex is here to equip these working spaces with agile, adaptive, and sophisticated storage solutions that enhance day-to-day activities and experiences at work.

Planex focuses on how the workplace is evolving, customising storage solutions that directly meet the needs of your government and council staff, employees, subcontractors and others involved in the industry. 

For award winning custom locker storage designs that fit within your budget, respond to all your unique storage needs, and provide adaptability for the future, Planex is your best storage and furniture manufacturer of choice.

Create Perfectly Customised Locker Storage Solutions For Government and Councils at Planex

By partnering with the team at Planex, you can expect the highest calibre of locker storage designs with endless possibilities on customisation and different locking systems for government and council office settings.

Planex’s custom lockers are the first steel lockers that connect together and allow hard wiring within the body of the locker. This allows for many different smart security access systems to be matched with Planex lockers allowing RFID configurations to end-user’s needs.

You can also enjoy the convenience of reassembling, reconstructing, and reusing your Planex custom lockers as your storage needs change. This saves you the costs of buying brand new lockers, and minimises the amount of waste or empty lockers you have to manage and dispose of.

From designing the initial drawings to the completion of the final locker fit-out in your government or council building, Planex is the leading custom steel storage company that will deliver stunning custom locker designs that are second to none. 

For the list of specifications, colour options, photos, and other details regarding our Planex custom locker solutions, head over to our locker products page or call us to find out more. You can also view our previously completed projects and case studies page to see for yourself the impressive quality of storage solutions that Planex has to offer.

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