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How Planex Works With Local Designers

Planex has developed world-class in-house design capabilities in partnership with independent local designers. We are committed to fostering the future Australian designed furniture and building a strong, sustainable manufacturing presence within our local community.  Collaborating with other designers enables us to create mutually beneficial outcomes while tailoring our services to the end-users needs.

Alexander Lotersztain
Alexander and Planex collaborated together to create a family of products; Wishbone table, Freefold screen & X-System. When not working with Planex, Alexander is busy pushing product, furniture, interior, and experimental design in new directions with his own his own brand, Derlot.

Paul Morris
Designer Paul Morris has turned notions of dull filing systems on their head by teaming up with Planex to create the award-winning Fatfile. Creating high calibre furniture for commercial and domestic applications, Paul’s design practice Join® consults on architectural and interior design projects throughout Australia, attributing the evolution of his practice to Metallurgy and Marine Archaeology.

Planex Design
Leo Ryner has partnered with Planex to create an exciting new associate design collaboration: Planex Design. Planex Design, use traditional and contemporary manufacturing processes to incorporate recycled sheet metal as a sustainable and functional material for use within commercial applications. Planex Design define this aesthetic as 'Longevity not Landfill' which inspires the Planex philosophy of 'Built-Out Obsolescence'.

Planex Sales
Planex offers an original, forward-thinking creative philosophy intrinsically adhering to a minimalist ethos. Led by Jean-Pierre Jardel, Planex products are carefully refined to their simplest forms imparting a less-is-more elegance to the manufacture of even commodity items. This notion of good design for the everyday, with a focus on an original, functional, forward-thinking vision underpins the creative ideology. Named ‘built-out obsolescence’, the concept now serves as the basis of Planex’s design philosophy. 

Inarc Architects
Designed by Inarc Architects and winner of the RAIA ‘Best Commercial Building: 2004’, Planex’s 7000m2 purpose-built production facility has become a benchmark for Australian manufacturing. Principals Reno Rizzo and Christopher Hanson have been partners since 1991, holding a well-earned reputation for designing refined developments in and around Melbourne.