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Mini Lockers

Mini lockers, or otherwise referred to as mini box or cube lockers, are versatile and economical solutions for storing small personal items and belongings such as mobile phones, wallets, and keys.

Their modest size is perfect for on-the-go workers, employees, staff, students, and other end-users. Adapted to the agile workplace, Planex’s mini lockers are responsive to your unique needs, integrate beautifully into your surroundings, and make the most out of your spaces for peak productivity.

Create Versatile Mini Lockers That Are Perfectly Adapted to Your Needs

Planex offers custom designed mini lockers for sale that are more efficient, adaptive, and built for the future - so as your needs change, your storage solutions can follow suit.

You’ll have the option to create custom joining and assembling mini locker systems which means that if you ever need to move, adjust, or disassemble your mini lockers, you can do so with absolute ease.

Plus, our mini lockers can be fitted with other security features including personalised keys, integrated keypad technology, and hardwired-RFID lock systems (compatible with card swipe technology), and more. You can quickly control your locker’s access levels, eliminating the commonly associated costs with resetting and replacing traditional combination lockers.

Whatever your dimension requirements may be or the type of visual aesthetic you’re after, the team at Planex is here to create versatile, functional, and impressive mini locker storage solutions that are adapted to your needs.

Planex Provides Custom Mini Lockers Tailored For a Range of Industries

With endless possibilities in design, Planex is able to offer custom mini locker storage solutions for sale that are applicable across a range of different industries and settings.

Whether you’re looking for custom designed mini lockers for gyms, offices, retail stores, hospitals, schools, universities, commercial settings, government buildings, or anywhere else, Planex is the industry leader you can rely on for all your custom storage needs.

Our Mini Locker Storage Solutions are Cost-effective and Built To Last

At Planex, we’re dedicated to finding new and innovative ways to minimise waste, improve efficiencies, and bring you custom mini lockers and other storage solutions that are accessible for all types of businesses and industries.

That’s why you’ll find that our custom mini lockers and other storage solutions have designed-in longevity with the ability to reuse, reconfigure and recycle as needs change.

This allows us to price our products competitively, factoring into account the costs you’ll save from not having to buy new mini lockers or storage solutions as your storage requirements grow or change over time.

At Planex, we implement smart innovations to deliver you enduring, versatile, economically priced, and adaptive mini lockers for sale that align with your needs.

For the list of specifications, colour options, photos, and other details regarding our Planex custom locker solutions, head over to our locker products page or call us to find out more. You can also view our previously completed projects and case studies page to see for yourself the impressive quality of storage solutions that Planex has to offer.

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