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Selecting Personal Storage

When selecting personal storage for your office, it’s important to choose furniture that will empower your people to work more effectively. At Planex we provide personal steel storage solutions suited to a range of environments including flexible, activity based and end-of-journey storage for commuters and mobile workers. 

xLocker2 System
The xLocker2 system has been developed with modularity & churn in mind to reduce overall product obsolescence. Components can be reused and reconfigured to create different layouts while steel construction brings strength, durability, and design flexibility to provide a locker system that meets scalable requirements as needs change with time.

MoPed Seating
MoPed’s is a desk-side companion that stores your belongings and can seat friends when they drop in. The flip top creates storage for your personal possessions and will also hold your drawer files. Available with accessories and decorative perforations, MoPed is a great alternative to the standard pedestal. 

Fatfile Mobile Pedestal
File storage doesn’t need to be boring with the Fatfile Mobile Pedestal and Filing Cabinet. An elegant design solution for both office and home, designer Paul Morris has turned the utilitarian notion of filing systems on its head and come up with an exciting addition to the Australian storage scene.

Low-Rider Caddy
The Low-Rider caddy provides more workstation storage than traditional pedestals. Available in left hand and right-hand configurations its wide wheels allow it to slip easily under most work surfaces. The Deluxe models feature a lockable tambour door adding a second layer of security and an aluminium door, giving you the choice of contrasting or matching the door colour to the body.

Planex Pedestals
Sidekick solves the storage needs of hot-desking office staff, providing maximum storage within a minimum floor space, this unit can be personalised with storage accessories unique to each person or task. Virtu Pedestals offer a sleek, minimalist appearance that is at ease with the contemporary office design. Whereas the Pouffe Pedestal combines seating and storage and is ideal for the small office environment offering an inexpensive solution to impromptu visitor chairs. Additionally, the classic style of the S-Series S Pedestal matches the detail and styling of our Low-Rider, S-Series Lateral, Receding and Swing door cabinets. 

Environmental Manufacturing
Environmentally safe to manufacture Planex’s range of personal storage is made of 100% recyclable BlueScope steel (featuring up to 20% recycled content). Made in Melbourne, using locally sourced materials they are manufactured for disassembly, GECA certified, Green Star compliant, free of volatile organic compounds and manufactured in a ISO14001 and ISO9001 certified production facility.