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Student & School Lockers

Planex provides world-class locker storage solutions that are built and adapted to the changing needs of school and university students and staff.

Whether you’re after custom lockers for school or university gyms, change rooms, classrooms, laboratories, staff rooms or in any other school setting, Planex will deliver thoughtful, versatile, and sophisticated locker storage solutions that are perfectly fit for your unique needs.

Planex delivers innovative locker solutions that can accomodate school colours and truly highlight the school environment - you’ll never have to worry about grey, dull, and boring school lockers with the trusted team at Planex.

Our custom designed student lockers make the best out of your existing spaces and provide a more productive, collaborative, and efficient environment - for students, teachers, and staff alike.

For a trusted, reputable, and locally operated custom student locker manufacturer near you, get in touch with our leading designers and storage specialists at Planex today.

Create Versatile & Functional Custom Student School Lockers at Planex

Designing the best school lockers require many considerations including size, durability, aesthetics, portability and security. 

At Planex, you’ll be led by our in-house team of designers and storage experts that provide innovative solutions to many of your different storage requirements and needs.

Our custom school locker solutions are made to ensure your students get the best experience out of their lockers and storage spaces, with easy and secure storage spaces for books, laptops, phones, wallets, bags, exercise uniforms, and more.

Plus, with the option to disassemble, reconfigure and adjust, our school locker solutions can be changed and moved around with ease. This means you can quickly accommodate for new students or be able to move multiple lockers to different rooms or areas within the school when needed.

You’ll also be able to add Planex custom lockers onto your existing banks of lockers at school, allowing you to easily upgrade your storage requirements as the number of students at your school grows over time.

Planex’s custom school lockers keep locker rooms clean, organised, and orderly which helps achieve the best learning environment for your students.

When it comes to creating a locker storage solution for schools that students and staff alike will love, Planex is your best storage manufacturing company of choice.

Our Custom Student Lockers Are Built to Last

Lockers endure a lot of wear and tear over many years, so it’s important that schools invest in durable, lasting, and adaptive locker storage solutions for students. Planex uses Australian steel which has a higher grade quality than imported steel products, lasts longer and is more hardwearing. 

Planex’s steel lockers boast strength and durability that stand the test of time. Using state-of-the-art technology and high quality materials, our custom student lockers are the reliable storage solution that you can count on - even years after everyday use.

Design Custom School Lockers With Built-In Powerful Security

Planex’s custom lockers integrate the most innovative smart security technologies - pairing powerful security with user friendly convenience.

Choose from a range of customisable security features, such as implementing access control in your student lockers using keypads, RFID lock systems, swipe card technology, and much more.

Our smart locker solutions also eliminate the costs of resetting and managing combination locks - offering superior value in terms of usability, convenience, and value.

Planex is Your Manufacturer of Choice for School & Student Locker Solutions

As a leading manufacturer of custom locker solutions, we deliver exceptionally designed and tailored student lockers for schools and universities in Australia. 

Known for our award winning designs and dedication in creating high calibre locker storage solutions, Planex will deliver locker storage solutions perfectly tailored to your student’s needs. 

Reach out to the team at Planex to find out more.

For the list of specifications, colour options, photos, and other details regarding our Planex custom locker solutions, head over to our locker products page or call us to find out more. You can also view our previously completed projects and case studies page to see for yourself the impressive quality of storage solutions that Planex has to offer.

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