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Why Specify Planex?

Planex provide unique steel personal storage solution for flexible, agile environments or end-of-journey storage for commuters and mobile workers. Planex’s purpose is to empower people to work more effectively in the evolving workplace. Based in Melbourne, we cater across commercial, educational, sports, hospitality and residential markets. 

Family Owned Business
As an Australian family owned, furniture designer and manufacturer we have been providing market-leading storage solutions for contemporary interiors since 1972.  Our collection showcases the finest in locally designed commercial storage, featuring original Australian designs by associate design partner Planex Design and local designers Alexander Lotzerstain and Paul Morris. 

Customisable Products
The multi-purpose nature of Planex’s products allows designers and architects to create a space to best reflect the client’s cultural and social presence. Designed to standard sizes the building blocks of the Planex range easily be modified and customised with a choice of colours and finishes, optional perforations, laminate or veneered doors and various locking systems.

Choice Of Colours
With over 150+ powder coats to choose from, design practitioners can create unique products featuring various colours, shades and textured powder-coat to form a variegated mosaic. Steel doors and fronts can be perforated to add a degree of individuality to the fit-out, create visual differentiation and to match other Planex products. Custom designed perforations and punch patterns can also be created. 

Choice of Finishes
The individual visual character can be further enhanced by the use of other materials such as laminate, veneer or ply for the doors, top surfaces and shrouds. Lockers and cabinets can feature different door colours to that of the unit’s body. Locker and sliding doors cabinets can be fitted with Acupanel™, an acoustic-rated sound absorbing material to minimise noise in the workspace and Acupanel™ can also be used as a pinboard on the inside of cabinets.

Flexible Options
Products such as xLocker2 System are flexible and can be reused and reconfigured to create different layouts while steel construction brings strength, durability, and design malleability to provide storage that meets scalable requirements as needs change with time. A new joining system allows faster assembly on site and reduces the number of tools required and allows for simple reconfiguration and re-use.

Designed with 'Built Out Obsolecence' In Mind
Planex’s design philosophy ensures that our products must not only be versatile, elegant and original; they must also be durable. Designed to last many years and made from materials that can be readily recycled, we apply a test we call ‘built-out obsolescence’ which requires our products to have longevity, to be repurposed, reused, recycled and reconfigured as required.

Recyclable Range
Planex’s Stewardship Policy supports the return of products for disassembly or recycling beyond the 10-year warranty period. Polymer components have identifying marks that assist segregation of polymer class and recycling. Replacement parts are available for a wide range of components in excess of 10 years from the date of delivery.

GreenStar Compliant
Planex storage is manufactured from welded steel sheet metal made of 100% recyclable steel (featuring up to 20% recycled content). Unlike joinery and conventional storage, Planex products offer many environmental advantages. They can reduce the amount of new non-renewable resources needed for manufacture and does not require the use of solvents or VOC.  The Planex range is Green Star compliant contributing to a high sustainability rating and isn’t destined to end up as landfill at the end of its lifecycle. Steel offers an environmentally friendly alternative to unrecyclable MDF, engineered, and man-made boards used in joinery fit-outs. 

Environmental Manufacturing
Made in Melbourne Australia using locally sourced materials the Planex manufacturing plant features improved gas usage, a solar array which powers of 30% of energy needs, LEDs and features lights-off manufacturing and automation. Additionally, the Planex factory is ISO14001 & ISO9001 certified, uses recycled BlueScope steel, includes a recycling program for materials, manufactures free of volatile organic compounds, and subjects key products such as xLocker2 to durability and fitness tests via AFRDI-Furntech, manufactures for disassembly and utilises an iron phosphate pre-treatment plan AS2331.3.1-2001 Method 3.1.