Discover the new xLocker2 range

31 . 01 . 2019


Now featuring improved connectivity, xLocker2 introduces a unique steel personal storage solution for flexible, agile, activity-based working environments or end-of-journey storage for commuters and mobile workers. Designed to aid collaboration, drive productivity, maximize space and provide better flexibility than traditional locker storage, this personal solution solves the problems associated with individual storage needs in communal multi-purpose work environments.

The only Australian locker to receive AFRDI Blue & Green Tick Level A Platinum certification, xLocker2 incorporates sustainability from concept to manufacture. Made in Hallam, Melbourne using over 95% locally sourced materials, xLocker2 is manufactured in an ISO14001 and ISO9001 certified production facility from 100% recyclable BlueScope steel, is designed for disassembly and VOC-Free.

An evolution of the highly successful Planex xLocker range, xLocker2 features the possibility of soft-wiring to power portable devices. A new joining system allows faster assembly on site and reduces the number of tools required and allows for simple reconfiguration and re-use. Like the original xLocker, xLocker2 can also be fitted with laminate or veneered doors to create a customized fit-out, whilst still maintaining modularity, optional perforations, choice of colours and finishes, various locking options and up to 100% recyclability. Features of the xLocker2 are patent pending.

xLocker2 is 
: A range of flexible and reconfigurable lockers that connect together.
: A connection to the building and a place to start and end the day.
: A place to store work and personal belongings and recharge portable devices.
: A personal storage solution for agile workers and their multi-purpose workplace providers.
: A spatial and functional solution for different working environments.

xLocker2 as a standard product has the ability to be used in multiple environments. Designed to provide dynamic universality required in the flexible, agile, ABW workplace, xLocker2 is a multi-use locker system that clips together to create flexible freeform personal storage solutions.

Flexibility features 
: Reflecting staffing numbers, xLocker2 units can be uniquely replaced, reconfigured or relocated.
: As group requirements change various group units can be integrated or removed.
: xLocker2 takes up the flexible ABW challenge where modified sports lockers fall short.

Cable Ready
xLocker2 has been designed to provide a means of reticulating services to all the units. Each unit has a frangible port that can be soft-wired for recharging personal devices.

Wired features 
: An integrated cavity between units that provide for hard-wired electronic locks and the fitting of soft-wired power GPOs.
: There is no need for separate ducting or conduits; xLocker2 is the conduit.
: xLocker2 units sit on standard height plinths allowing networking and wiring to be hidden underneath, out of sight and accessed by a removable front panel.
: Plinths are fitted with adjustable feet for levelling and end-caps for running wiring.

xLocker2 is designed to be compatible with all locking system manufacturers. Users are not limited to any specific locking system as xLocker2 provides various levels of security to match the client’s needs.

Custom Options 
The multi-purpose nature of xLocker2 means that designers and architects can create a space to best reflect the client’s cultural and social presence.

Design features 
: Units are self-contained; the design practitioner can create a unique outcome by using xLocker2 units of various colours, shades and textured powder-coat to form a variegated mosaic.
: Steel doors can be perforated to add a degree of individuality to the fit-out, create visual differentiation and to match other Planex products. Custom designed perforations and patterns can also be created.
: Locker doors can be fitted with Acupanel™, an acoustic-rated sound absorbing material to minimise noise in the workspace. Acupanel™ can also be used as a pinboard on the inside of the locker door.
: The individual visual character can be further enhanced by the use of other materials such as laminate, veneer or ply for the doors, top surfaces and shrouds.
: Individual units can be different colours.
: Door colours can be different from that of the unit’s body.

Options are unlimited with xLocker2 making it possible to create a seamless fit with any environment.

xLocker2 accessories 
: Shelves
: Letterbox
: Coat-rail
: 240v power outlet
: Bench seating can be placed in front of units sitting on 500mm plinth

Unlike joinery and conventional locker systems, xLocker2 has the following environmental advantages.
: It can reduce the amount of new non-renewable resources needed for manufacture. Their manufacture does not require the use of solvents or VOC.
: It can be reused, reconfigured and repurposed. This extends the longevity of the fit-out and unlike fixed joinery, they can be simply relocated to a new site if required.
: It can be fully recycled and not end up as landfill.
: It can replace the use of unrecyclable MDF, engineered and man-made boards used in joinery fit-outs.
: Is Furntech-AFRDI Certified Green Tick Platinum Level-A Standard 150-Commercial Furniture
: Is Furntech-AFRDI Certified Blue Tick AS/NZS 4790 BS 4875-8 Level 3 Standard Storage Furniture
: Is made in an ISO14001 and ISO9001 production facility
: Is VOC Tested compliant
: Is compliant with Green Star requirements for Sustainable Products, having the highest level of certification to  maximise contribution to Green Star points