Foldi Has Arrived

01 . 06 . 2020


Planex is excited to launch Foldi, a brand new collection of designer desk accessories for the office and home.
Foldi is a collection of five exciting products to help contain the clutter, organise pens, keep files together and accommodate papers on your desktop…wherever you work.

The products arrive flat-packed and are simple and easy to fold into shape. The range consists of a folder file, a mini organiser, a pen/pencil holder, a paper tray and a document/ device stand. The final products are finished in a textured powder coat with a basic colour palette of black, white, red, orange, yellow, eucalypt green and sage green. Enjoy the Foldi collection in one colour or mix and match, the choice is yours.

Sometimes from adversity, new ideas are born and during our time at home, Planex has been planning, designing and manufacturing new products that can help in our everyday work life. It’s fun and sustainable but also looks fabulous on a desk.

How it all began

The idea of Foldi began when an employee began working from home, and unable to find desk accessories for her home office, mentioned this to Planex Managing Director, Jean-Pierre (JP).

This was a light bulb moment for JP and soon he was developing ideas for paper trays and pen holders by cutting and folding paper to make models, similar to origami. As JP says “If you can make it out of a sheet of paper, you can make it out of a sheet of steel!” And so, each day he would bring a new paper model to the office to be translated into steel. Turnaround time was lightning fast, only one day from the initial paper model to a steel prototype of each product, and soon the Foldi collection grew and was ready for manufacture.

That’s the advantage of being an Australian manufacturer with a local workforce, using local materials and as JP commented, “We can do the whole development from start to finish and have a totally resolved product within a day because everything is here – we don’t have to outsource anything.”

Planex wanted to create a new product that would be useful, playful, easily assembled and look sensational for both the office and home. Foldi fits the bill! As with all Planex products, Foldi is made of high-quality steel, and Foldi comes flat-packed and is very easy to fold.

And there are more products for the home and the office to come!

For Foldi specifications click here.
Photography by Dianna Snape

Other Planex products available for home and the office

The Virtu Pedestal
A personal storage cabinet with various draw combinations, suitable for use in the home and office. Available in 300 colours, optional timber veneer drawer fronts and silent castors, two heights and one width.

Virtu Pouffe Pedestal
A seating and two-drawer storage solution in one.

Fatfile Lateral Drawer Cabinet
Designed by Australian designer Paul Morris, Fatfile features bold drawer fronts and deep drawers with enclosed sides. This cabinet can be used as a general storage system as well as file storage… with attitude!

MoPed Pedestal
MoPed’s flip-top provides occasional seating as well as storage for personal possessions with the option to hold suspension files and is available with accessories and decorative perforations.

Low-Rider Caddy
Available in three models fitted with lockable drawers in left or right-hand configurations. Features include an open space with a shelf in the Low-Rider Classic 66, a lockable tambour door that slides completely across the front to hide drawers in the Low-Rider Deluxe, or in the Low-Rider Super Deluxe, there is an aluminium door with a choice of matching or contrasting door colour to the body of the Caddy.