Karina Clarke joins Planex as Business Development Manager

29 . 04 . 2019


The former Artistic Director of Design Tasmania brings 30 years of design experience to Planex.
Please welcome Karina Clarke to the fold. Joining the Planex team as Business Development Manager, she will work closely with founder Jean-Pierre Jardel to enhance the experience of architect, design and commercial clients. Karina’s vast design experience allows her to apply design knowledge, strategy and processes to a range of projects.

Her vision has always stemmed from a passion to create things that people need. Pushing beyond the functional, her work connects with people on a deeper level to positively impact their emotional well-being. This desire to make life better for people closely aligns with the Planex ethos.

As a practising designer working in contemporary furniture and object design, Karina explores the dialogue between design, craft and manufacturing. She has a deep understanding of the cultural and social influences that shape our response to objects.

In her 30-year design career, Clarke has worked in manufacturing, retail, academia and NFP sectors. At Design Tasmania, she played an instrumental role in securing funding for the organisation, including a $390,000 grant from the Ian Potter Foundation – the largest arts grant given to a Tasmanian organisation from the Ian Potter Foundation.

Her ability to envision long term strategic direction and forge close relationships with community, commercial and cultural organisations is what led Planex to bring her onboard.

“Working at Planex is like a return to the fold as my design career began at a large domestic furniture manufacturer in Sydney. I’m honoured to be working with Planex to empower clients and help the brand excel,” Clarke added.

After an absence of 24 years from Melbourne, Karina felt it was time to return and revisit the Australian manufacturing sector. A prolific contributor to the design industry, Planex is delighted to have her on board to secure future business developments.

To speak to Karina Clarke about your next project, contact her here karina.c@planex.com.au.