Planex launches Miimii by First Nations designer Lucy Simpson

Planex is proud to release Miimii (river’s edge/grandmother) by First Nations designer Lucy Simpson. Miimii is the third design that completes the series and collaboration with Lucy that began in 2019. The integration of Lucy’s designs into our perforation range has enabled our clients and end users to engage and connect to stories that are part of the knowledge system of First Nations people.

This design was born of freshwater country and is inspired by the rivers, lakes and big watercourse that transforms land and defines the floodplain. Miimii (mee mee) is also a story of grandmothers, and symbolises the connection between women and water, as carriers of story, life and knowledge. It speaks of relationships between land, water and sky, and traces the meeting point of opposites, a narrative of time, reflection and duality… gentle yet powerful, ever changing yet constant.

Miimii was created by Sydney based Yuwaalaraay woman/designer/maker Lucy Simpson in honour of the places to which she belongs and calls home, from the freshwater plains country of Yuwaalaraay in the North West of NSW to the saltwater river landscapes of Gadigal in the inner-west of Sydney, two places vast native grasslands once featured prominently within and across the Australian landscape.

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Photography by Tess Kelly