Planex xLine Storage System:
Redefining Versatility and Elegance

We are delighted to release xLine as part of our 50th anniversary as an Australian manufacturer of steel storage systems.

This much anticipated range was designed in-house and combines both minimalism and functionality that is core to Planex’s design philosophy. With xLine, we’re offering you a world of possibilities to create and divide spaces while adding an elegant contemporary touch to any interior.

Explore the Infinite Possibilities

xLine is more than just a shelving system; it’s a comprehensive solution designed to adapt to evolving workplace and residential needs. This universal shelving system offers a wide range of modules, each serving a unique purpose. Whether you need drawers, hampers, hutches, open units, glass doors, desks, xLine can accommodate.

Simple Concept, Functional Excellence

At the heart of xLine lies a conceptually simple and functionally refined design. Its standardised uprights and basic box modules seamlessly connect, providing endless configurability options. Working as a room divider the modules can be configured with access from both sides creating functional room divisions and effective workspaces.

Utilising the Planex planters it is easy to green your breakout space creating a level of wellness and privacy or add a feature storage system to boardrooms and meeting rooms alike. In a home environment, xLine can be used to create a media room or home office when space is at a premium. You can mix, match, and reconfigure the modules to transform your space as needs evolve.

Sustainability at the Core

As architects and interior designers, we understand the importance of sustainable design. That’s why xLine is designed to minimise its impact on the environment. Crafted from fully recyclable folded sheet metal, it sets a new standard in sustainability. No welded metal tubes or particle board, only 100% recyclable materials that align with Planex’s commitment to circular life cycles for all our products.

Join us on this Design Journey

We invite you to explore the endless possibilities of the xLine Shelving System. Visit our website to access the specification sheet and delve deeper into the features and configurations. Let your creativity flow and redefine spaces with the elegance and versatility of xLine.

If you have any inquiries or would like to discuss specific projects and configurations, please feel free to reach out to our dedicated team of experts.

Photography by Tess Kelly