Sound Absorption in the Workplace

Report on the Measurement of Sound Absorption of Planex Linea Storage Units conducted in the Reverberation Room of the Applied Acoustics Laboratory, RMIT

The acoustics of environments that humans share and work in can have sounds that are desirable and may need to be enhanced or emphasized (e.g. music in a room designed for artistic performances; the speakers’ voices during a debate; etc.). Other sounds can be undesirable, are known as noise, and need to be reduced or prevented (e.g. noise in a factory workshop or annoying noises such as chatter in a workplace).

Planex’s Linea Sliding Door cabinets are designed with several features in mind, including giving an effective degree of noise suppression within the workplace. Linea cabinets can enhance the acoustics of offices and similar environments by attenuating various sound frequencies within the workplace.

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