The People that are Planex : Lee Turner

12 . 05 . 2020


At Planex people are integral to the manufacture and delivery of our premium product. In this series of articles, we speak to members of the Planex ‘family’ to find out who they are, what they do and how they feel about working at Planex.

Lee Turner – Sales

Lee Turner works in Sales and his territory encompasses Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia. Throughout his 25-year career, he has always been involved with the built furniture industry and is somewhat of a ‘newcomer’ to Planex, with only eleven and a half years of service under his belt.

His vibrant personality precedes him and his clients affectionately refer to him as ‘the colourful guy’. To explain, Lee loves colour, he wears colour and speaks passionately about the 300+ colours that are available for Planex products. Colour makes him happy as does working at Planex, as here he feels part of an extended family.

Lee speaks of Managing Director Jean-Pierre, or JP as he is known, with sincere praise for his management style and is more than happy with the autonomy, flexibility and freedom afforded to him in his work. Lee also lives and breathes the sustainability ideals that are integral to Planex and he subscribes to the idea of ‘treading lightly on the earth’. He is proud to work for a company that considers the environment in all its practices and admires the energy-saving processes instigated by JP, such as solar panels on the roof of the manufacturing plant and the recycling of 99% of all waste.

When Lee is not at Planex or with his customers you can find him riding his Giant TCR bicycle and breaking the speed of sound. As a cycling ambassador for Giant, two wheels and the open road are his other loves besides Alison his partner of course.

When the challenges of today are past Lee is looking forward to riding with his friends, stopping to have breakfast and coffee with his friends and talking about riding with his friends. But most of all he is looking forward to seeing his clients and being face-to-face again as really he’s a people person.