The People that are Planex : Shelley Ramirez

06 . 07 . 2020


At Planex people are integral to the manufacture and delivery of our premium product. In this series of articles, we speak to members of the Planex ‘family’ to find out who they are, what they do and how they feel about working at Planex.

Shelley Ramirez – Logistics and Project Management

Shelley Ramirez heads up the Logistics and Project Management side of Planex. She joined the company in 1988, so has been an employee for an extraordinary 32 years.

Shelley began her career as the receptionist when Fernand Jardel was Managing Director of the company he established, and now she works for his son Jean-Pierre. Reflecting on her time at Planex Shelley can say that she has worked in every department but is happy to have found her ‘special place’ in Logistics.

Shelley’s work is demanding as it’s all about organising people and product. It can sometimes be stressful but Shelley knows how to get things done and makes everything happen.

Shelley is fulsome in her praise of the products that roll off the factory floor. She is proud that the company is Australian and family-owned and that it has been in business for 48 years employing local people. Sometimes however she despairs that others do not understand just how important it is to have an Australian manufacturing base and she would really like local products (that are far superior to those from overseas, such as Planex’) be given priority in tenders.

Shelley loves spending time with her family, husband Gerard who also works at Planex, her two sons and her two beloved French bulldogs.

Shelley has always been passionate about sport and in particular, netball. For decades she has combined work with playing and coaching at a premier level but decided to hang up the uniform last year. Still, she trains every day (at the moment in her garage) and heeding the call of the court she has already committed to coaching a local Under 17 netball team.

When life returns to some sort of normalcy, Shelley is looking forward to getting back to the real gym, getting out and about with her family and friends, having coffee with her girlfriends and attending the AFL supporting the Western Bulldogs, to hopefully, another finals campaign.