Western Sydney University Locker Case Study

30 . 06 . 2017


Planex’s xLocker2 system was chosen as a flexible personal storage solution for Western Sydney University’s recent Parramatta fit-out. 

Designed to empower students within a collaborative learning environment, Planex’s steel lockers introduced a flexible end-of-journey experience to increase accessibility, maximise social connection points and enhance the universities ‘agnostic’ non-faculty specific educational model. Planex lockers were paired with world-class Smart Card (NFC/RFID) networked locking system provided by Gantner Technologies.

Western Sydney University
Originally established in 1998, Western Sydney University (formerly the University of Western Sydney) is an Australian multi-campus university specialising in Science, Business and Law.

In 2014 architects Woods Bagot were appointed to design the new 10-level Parramatta campus, located at 100 George Street, as an extension of the existing historic Parramatta site. The unique campus provides 22,000 m2 of learning space with a centrally located staircase offering access to the many agnostic learning areas, lecture theatres, study rooms and collaborative meeting areas. Lockers are showcased within ‘activated living walls’ to encourage serendipitous interaction and collaboration.

“We wanted to introduce free flowing movement throughout each floor plate to create moments for discovery and unexpected interactions to encourage learning through conversation” Alan Duffy Woods Baggot

Architect Alan Duffy from Woods Bagot explains how he was inspired by the flexibility of the Planex locker “We wanted to introduce free flowing movement throughout each floor plate to create moments for discovery and unexpected interactions to encourage learning through conversation”. He continues, “By activating the edges of the formal spaces we introduced a variety of opportunities for social engagement between students and academics, breaking down traditional barriers in tertiary buildings”.

To meet the specific educational requirements of the environment, the Woods Bagot team specified Planex’s xLocker2 storage system with a “Smart” networked locking system supplied from Gantner. Lockers were designed across 10 levels in an array of different powder-coat finishes to reflect the design and layout of each level in shades of yellow, orange, green, blue, pink and purple.

Western Sydney University required a flexible personal locker storage system to be integrated into pre-existing joinery within its student, staff and research departments. Students and staff proposed the use of electronic ‘Smart’ lockers for all end-users. Locker usage was programmed to suit different campus needs with the student ID card allowing for 24-hour booking service availability for students, with staff areas requiring long-term 6-month and 12-month occupation periods.

The designers specified an electronic locking system that offered flexible onsite use and eliminated the management costs of combination locks by using a swipe card with embedded chip which communicated contactless. To avoid lengthy wait times, Gantner provisioned a decentralised, integrated locker solution that enabled students to easily utilise flexible storage when required.

Project Milestones
: Vertical campus with ‘agnostic’ learning areas to maximise student collaboration
: Custom-built steel locker designed to integrate with existing joinery
: ‘Activated living walls’ to encourage serendipitous interaction and collaboration
: Locker doors feature ‘X’ steel punch pattern perforations
: Lockers powder-coated in different colours across 10 levels
: New joining system enables fast assembly and the ability to reconfigure and reuse
: Provides better flexibility than traditional locker storage
: 24-hour, 6-month and 12-month locker usage option
: Eliminated costs associated with resetting and managing combination locks
: Improved convenience and security with alarmed lockers
: Collaboration between world-class manufacturers Planex and Gantner

With over 40 years’ experience locally manufacturing steel storage, Planex were able to provide a solution with designed-in longevity and the ability to reuse, reconfigure and recycle as needs change.

Planex’s xLocker2 system provided Western Sydney University with a unique personal storage solution for flexible, ‘activated’ educational areas and ‘agnostic’ learning environments in a range of powder-coat finishes. Complimented by Gantner technologies world class “Smart” card locking technology, students and staff were empowered with the flexibility of  24-hour, 6-month and 12-month locker booking options, improved security and the elimination of costs associated with resetting and managing combination locks.

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