xLocker2 AFRDI Green Tick Platinum A-level Certified

02 . 08 . 2018


Planex’s xLocker2 is the first Australian locker system to be awarded AFRDI Green Tick Platinum A-level Certification for sustainability within the commercial furniture industry.

AFRDI Green Tick certification indicates the product has satisfied the AFRDI 150 Standard’s Sustainability Certification Scheme for furniture to encourage the design and development of progressively more sustainable furniture. In order to be certified AFRDI Green Tick, the product must first be certified Blue Tick (tested for strength, durability, safety, suitability for purpose and longevity through product durability).

Recognized under the Green Building Council of Australia’s Assessment Framework for product certification scheme, Green Tick has three levels of certification:

• AFRDI Green Tick Level C/Silver GBCA Level B recognition
• AFRDI Green Tick Level B/Gold GBCA Level A recognition, and
• AFRDI Green Tick Level A/Platinum GBCA Level A recognition.

Under AFRDI Standard 150 – Sustainability for Commercial Furniture, Platinum is the best practice level.

In meeting this environmental standard, Planex has demonstrated the ethical sourcing of raw materials and labour, the responsible use of water and energy during manufacture, waste minimisation and designed-in longevity to extend the product’s lifecycle and recyclability.

The only Australian locker to receive AFRDI Blue & Green Tick Level A Platinum certification, xLocker2 incorporates sustainability from concept to manufacture. Made in Hallam, Melbourne using over 95% locally sourced materials, xLocker2 is manufactured in an ISO14001 and ISO9001 certified production facility from 100% recyclable BlueScope steel, is designed for disassembly and VOC-Free.

AFRDI is an international organisation with a mission to promote the production and purchase of sustainable freestanding furniture products. AFRDI Green Tick certification is assessed against requirements of the AFRDI 150 Sustainability Standard, which focuses on chain-of-custody procedures for raw materials, corporate social responsibility and resource assessments.

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