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Need help specifying Planex products? Take a look at the Storage Guide.

Storage 01 . 09 . 2015

Now in it's 3rd edition, Planex's Storage Guide is the definitive 72-page guide to specifying our range of Australian designed and manufactured commercial storage, made by us for you, to create a more flexible and productive work environment.

Made in Melbourne, the Planex product range is available in over 150+ colours with short lead times, featuring original designs by Alexander Lotzerstain, Paul Morris, Leo Ryner and our associate design partner, Planex Design. Catering across commercial, educational, sports, hospitality and residential markets, our current storage range consists of: Fatfile, Flox, Freefold, Linea, Low-Rider, MoPed, Plan, Security, S-Series, Virtu, Wishbone, xLocker and X-System.

Let us help empower your people to work more effectively in the evolving workplace. To find out how we can assist you with specification preparation for your next project download the PDF below or email us at for a printed copy.

Download the Storage Guide here


Personal Storage
Planex’s xLocker2 system has been developed with modularity & churn in mind to reduce overall product obsolescence. Components can be reused and reconfigured to create different layouts while steel construction brings strength, durability, and design flexibility to provide a locker system to meet scalable requirements as needs change with time.

MoPed’s flip top creates storage for your personal possessions and will also hold your drawer files. This desk-side companion stores your belongings and can seat friends when they drop in. Available with accessories and decorative perforations it is a great alternative to the standard pedestal. 

File storage doesn’t need to be boring. Fatfile Mobile Pedestal and Filing Cabinet are an elegant design solution for both office and home. Designer Paul Morris has turned the utilitarian notion of filing systems on its head and come up with an exciting addition to the Australian storage scene.

Sliding Door 
A storage hub, a sound break, an anchor point.  Linea is storage furniture with sliding doors that are fitted with acoustic rated sound absorbing material. A freestanding structure it can be used to define work areas. The Dual Access option offers the perfect storage solution when floor space is limited, and access to both sides is desirable. With its range of slim, veneer, or planters, tops can be customised to suit the look of any office interior.

X-System is a clever custom shelving solution. It comprises two parts - the X pillar and a shelf that can be trimmed, joined to any length, or even travel around corners. From a simple credenza to an extensive wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling structure, X-System is significant for its made-to-order modular design.

Planter Box
Flox is a collection of unique plant display units. Light and airy with a delicate pattern of perforations that reflects the randomness of nature, place it above cabinets or display freestanding with optional castors to create a mobile screen or room divider.

Plan Storage
A traditional plan chest suited to paper sizes A1 to AO+ and available in either 5 or 10 drawer models, Horizontal Plan cabinets are suitable for storing thick or fragile items or situations where attaching an adhesive strip is not appropriate. They can be stacked two high. Vertical Plan cabinets can store large numbers of plans safely and have a small footprint. They accommodate paper sizes from A1 to AO and are used to store single sheet tracings and paper plans.

Low-Rider provides more workstation storage than traditional pedestals. Available in left hand and right-hand configurations its wide wheels allow it to slip easily under most work surfaces. The Caddy Deluxe features a lockable tambour door that slides across to hide the drawers adding a second layer of security. The Super Deluxe model has an aluminium door, giving you the choice of contrasting or matching the door colour perfectly to the body colour.

Swing Door
The clever design of the Virtu Swing Door cabinet gives it the clean lines normally found only in joinery. Optional timber door fronts achieve a more formal executive area look, while still maintaining a consistent design throughout the office. These durable cupboards have metal doors fitted with a European locking system. S-Series SS Swing Door cabinets are an economical choice if budget is a consideration. Fatfile Swing Door cabinets are an elegant storage solution for home offices, executive suites or studios. Made entirely of steel, a Fatfile will last a lifetime.

Lateral Drawer
The S-Series SD Lateral Drawer cabinet is a smart storage alternative to conventional filing cabinets. But the clever design of the Virtu Lateral Drawer cabinet gives it the clean lines normally found only in joinery. Optional timber drawer fronts achieve a more formal executive area look, while still retaining a consistent design throughout the office. Whereas Fatfile Lateral Drawer cabinets offer an elegant design solution for both office and home. 

Receding Doors
S-Series SR Receding Doors ‘disappear’ by sliding into the cabinet, keeping offices clear of open door obstacles.

Sidekick solves the storage needs of hot-desking office staff. Providing maximum storage within a minimum floor space, this unit can be personalised with storage accessories unique to each person or task.

Virtu Pedestals offer a sleek, minimalist appearance that is at ease with the contemporary office design. Whereas The Pouffe Pedestal is ideal for the small office environment. In combining seating and storage, it becomes an inexpensive solution to providing impromptu visitor chairs.

The classic style of the S-Series S Pedestal matches the detail and styling of our Low-Rider, S-Series Lateral, Receding and Swing door cabinets. 

S-Series SB Bookcases have smooth, flush inside panels giving them a resolved look, which sets them apart from other metal bookcases. A bookcase is ideal for projects with tight budgets or for simple backroom storage. Alternatively the 500 deep S-Series SP Unit suits general purpose or archival storage where having the extra depth is important.

Tambour Door
The Virtu Tambour Door cabinets offer a refined storage solution. The design features a single door, a clean, slim 20mm profile that is usually associated with joinery and thin, rounded edge shelves. A two-door general-purpose office storage cabinet, the S-Series SM Tambour Door cabinet has retractable doors, making it suitable for high-traffic areas with restricted space. Also available in a mobile model the S-Series cabinet is our most economical tambour cabinet option. 

Download the Storage Guide here




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