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Blox Launch Orgatec 2016

27 . 10 . 2016

PlanexDesign celebrated the launch of Blox™ and xLocker2 at Orgatec 2016 in Cologne, Germany Oct 25th to Sat Oct29th 2016. Orgatec showcases design for inspiring working environments with high-caliber lectures, featuring comprehensive discussions around new ways of working. With the motto "Creativity Works", this year's Orgatec provides new perspectives, inspiring concepts and market-leading solutions for the future of working environments.

Developed in Australia by PlanexDesign, Blox™ introduces a unique steel storage solution for the agile workplace or end-of-journey storage for commuters. A connection to the building and a place to start and end the day, Blox solves the problems associated with individual storage needs in agile work environments. An evolution of the highly successful Planex xLocker range, this agile personal storage system features soft-wiring to power portable devices and introduces a new patented joining system allowing faster assembly, reconfiguration and re-use.

Designed to aid collaboration and drive productivity Blox provides universal personal spaces within the workplace and features a range of modular elements able to perform all the storage functions required in the workplace. Maximising space while offering better flexibility than traditional locker storage, Blox is a place to store work and personal belongings, charge portable devices while providing personal flexibility for both agile workers and their workplace providers. 

Blox Is Flexible
Blox is a flexible locker system that clips together to create freeform personal storage solutions. Blox takes up the agile workplace challenge where modified sports lockers fall down. Blox elements can be added or removed from the fit-out or uniquely replaced or reconfigured.

Blox Won’t End Up As Landfill
Unlike joinery and conventional locker systems, Blox reduces the amount of resources needed for manufacture has been designed PVC and VOC free. Units can be reused, reconfigured, repurposed or relocated which extends the longevity of the fit-out. Blox can be fully recycled and won’t end up as landfill, replacing the use of unrecyclable MDF used in joinery fit-outs.

Blox Is Wired
Blox has been designed to provide a means of reticulating power to all the elements. There is no need for separate ducting or conduits as Blox is the conduit. The wiring channels provide a means of running cabling to electronic locks that can be integrated with the base building security system. Each element has a frangible port that can be soft-wired for recharging personal devices. Blox units sit on standard height plinths allowing networking & wiring to be hidden underneath and out of sight, yet be accessible.

Blox Is Secure
Users are not limited to any specific locking system as Blox provides various levels of security to match the client’s needs. The range of locking options includes simple key locks that can be integrated within the unit, stand-alone electronic locks or either keypad/RFID control or Integrated (hard-wired) electronic locks.

Blox Has Personality
The universality of Blox means that designers and architects can create a space to best reflect the client’s cultural and social presence. Elements are self-contained meaning the design practitioner can create a unique configuration by using Blox elements of various colours, shades and even textured powder-coat to form a variegated mosaic. Blox doors can include an optional mail slot that incorporates an integrated handle. Steel doors can be perforated to add a degree of individuality to the fit-out while the individual visual character can be further enhanced by the use of other materials such as laminate, veneer or ply for the doors and top surfaces. 


Planex Design
Inspired by the cultural shift towards agile work styles Blox was designed in Australia by PlanexDesign. Designed with longevity as a key priority, Blox represents the design philosophy between Leo Ryner and Planex Director Jean-Pierre Jardel who joined forces in 2012 to form a new an exciting design partnership.

As the future of the workplace changes, PlanexDesign's key focus is to develop systems that inspire people to work more productively within flexible workplaces. As an Australian furniture designer, PlanexDesign, incorporate traditional and contemporary manufacturing processes to develop recycled sheet metal into a sustainable and functional material for commercial applications. 


Blox demonstrates PlanexDesign’s unique capability to create flexible solutions that can reused, recycled and reconfigured as staffing needs change or work environments evolve. With a solid platform of international events, which embody the company’s ethos, PlanexDesign has developed the kind of functional workplace solution to truly empower people to work more effectively in the evolving workplace.


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