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Next Generation Workspaces 2017

21 . 07 . 2017

Leveraging Workplace Design and Technology to Enhance Engagement, Collaboration and Performance, Planex collaborated with local lock manufacturer Gantner to bring xLocker2 to the 2017’s Next Generation Workspace event.

Work environments are a significant driver of workplace culture, innovation and effectiveness. It is no coincidence that many of the world’s most innovative companies, think Google, Facebook and Amazon, are also at the forefront when it comes to workspace design.

Additionally, in the increasingly competitive war for talent, workspace design is a key factor in your ability to attract and retain the brightest and the best. With that in mind, Next Generation Workplaces 2017 has been developed to showcase cutting edge case studies on the topics of:

  • Leveraging design to support an agile workforce
  • Utilizing technology to enhance the employee experience and foster collaboration
  • Effective change management strategies to ensure that your staff realize the benefits of their new environments
  • Increasing space utilization in an increasingly mobile and flexible workforce 

xLocker2 is a unique steel personal storage solution for flexible, agile environments or end-of-journey storage for commuters and mobile workers and meets international standards for fitness-for-use and environmental criteria. 

xLocker2 is capable of being: 

  • reused
  • reconfigured
  • repurposed
  • recycled

xLocker2 provides building blocks that join together with a patented system allowing fast onsite assembly and simple later reconfiguration and reuse. This also means less disruption when installing in existing workplaces.

xLocker2 is cable ready and allows reticulation of data cabling to locks and softwiring for recharging personal devices. The unique integrated cavity between units provides cabling pathways. There is no need for separate ducting or conduits—xLocker2 is the conduit. xLocker2 units sit on bases that allow levelling, data and power cabling to be hidden and accessed via a removable panel.

xLocker2's locking options are open-sourced when it comes to locks being flexible and designed to be compatible with most forms of locking. Specifiers and users are not limited to any specific locking system.

The modular nature of xLocker2 means that it can be used to create a space that best reflect the client’s cultural and social presence. Designers can use the modularity of xLocker2 to create unique outcomes using various colours, shades and powdercoat textures to form a variegated mosaic. Doors and body colour can be different. Steel doors can be perforated to individualize the fit-out, match other Planex products or architectural details, in order to create visual differentiation.

See the product page for more information on xLocker2 or download the latest locker case study. 

Specialists in adaptive steel furniture, Australian family-owned furniture designer Planex manufacture storage and locker systems designed for evolving workplaces.

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Deployed locally in NSW Gantner provides system solutions based on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Near Field Communications (NFC) technologies.

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