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Technical Briefs To Assist Designers 001

09 . 11 . 2017

At Planex product performance and functionality are critical to our customers’ experiences. One of the ways we measure fitness for purpose and durability is through third-party assessment programs such as Furntech-AFRDI’s blue tick program, but now we are expanding the scope of our testing to establish how our products meet the evolving requirements of the modern office via a series of Technical Briefs. 

Technical briefs will assist architects and designers to better understand how our products interact with people and workspaces while providing design practitioners with a set of rigorous and reproducible reports reflecting quantitative, verified data and advice to assist specification.

Download the first release in our series. Technical Brief 001: Report on Heat Generated from Recharging and Running Devices in xLocker2 and Laminate Lockers 

Designed to aid collaboration, drive productivity and maximize space, Planex’s xLocker2 system provides a means of reticulating power to all units. Each unit features a frangible port that can be soft-wired for recharging personal devices with an integrated cavity between the units to provide the conduit for powering GPOs. 

The process of recharging devices produces modest amounts of heat that can raise the temperature within lockers. To understand how this affects the end user we conducted tests on our xLocker2 storage system in order to evaluate rises in temperature. For comparison, tests were also performed on typical workplace laminate lockers.

Personal devices that people may place inside their locker include mobile phones, tablets and laptops. These can be recharged using the GPOs. The temperatures of laptops that run heavy workloads can generate much more heat than when recharging. Surface temperatures of powerful laptops running intensive workloads can reach about 55°C¹. The heat produced can make flexible working uncomfortable. 

Placing laptops and personal devices inside a locker may build up an appreciable amount of heat. Therefore, we conducted tests on xLocker2 lockers in order to evaluate such rises in temperature with comparison tests also performed on typical workplace laminate lockers.

To find out more about the heat generated by lockers recharging personal devices download Technical Brief 001