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Sustainable Manufacturing At Planex

30 . 04 . 2018

Sustainability is about more than protecting the environment. At Planex it also extends to our workplace practices, corporate governance, our responsibility to the community and to the future of Australian manufacturing.

Planex are proud to announce version 4 of our company Sustainability Report. This report provides transparent documentation of our environmental performance and provides clear criteria from which to evaluate and track our continued progress. 

The focus was to improve energy usage across the business to reduce greenhouse emissions and our carbon footprint. To measure Planex's sustainability progress, data was examined within the certified ISO-14001 Management System with analyses based on ‘The Framework for Public Environmental Reporting - An Australian Approach March 2000'.

Planex’s environmental policies and certification demonstrate an environmental commitment to our staff and shareholders.  High volume products such as our xLocker2 System and Linea Sliding Door range are also durability and fitness-tested by AFRDI-Furntech, which contributes to an overall GreenStar sustainability fit-out rating.

Designed by Inarch Architects, Planex’s 7002m2 purpose-built production facility is located in Hallam, Melbourne. Featuring lights off automation, the factory is a benchmark for Australian manufacturing and was awarded RAIA ‘Best Commercial Building' in 2004. The factory is ISO14001 & ISO9001 certified, uses recycled BlueScope steel, manufactures for disassembly and free of volatile organic compounds.  

Currently employing 50 staff, Planex has over 40 years experience manufacturing specialised powder coated sheet metal storage solutions for commercial, educational, health and government clients. The built environment of the factory and showroom consistently displays environmental commitment as do our production processes, design, manufacture and delivery of finished products.

In 2015 Planex introduced solar and LED factory lighting to our manufacturing facility to better manage rising manufacturing costs. This resulted in improved energy savings of over 30% per annum, minimised reliance on the grid, decreased operating costs and enhanced productivity.

In 2017 we were successful in receiving a gas assessment grant and a gas efficiency grant to improve gas usage in our powder coat line. Facing significant gas price increases, we upgraded the factory to improve productivity in our powder coating line by reducing the gas used in the Pre-Treatment Bath, Curing Oven, and Dry-Off Oven.

Products made from steel present unique durability and recyclability and are environmentally safe to manufacture. Steel reduces non-renewable resources during manufacturing, replaces the use of unrecyclable, engineered boards used in joinery fit-outs and can be repurposed which extends the longevity of the fit-out. As a material, steel is the most recycled material worldwide, with over 80% of scrap steel reused or recycled globally (more than concrete, paper, glass and plastics).

We like to apply a test we call 'built-out obsolescence' to our product range. It means our storage has the longevity, to be repurposed as required. This is in contrast to furniture made using principles of inbuilt obsolescence where manufacturers intentionally create designs that either break or stop functioning earlier than consumers would expect.

Planex promotes quality Australian products backed by sustainable processes and is focused on smart, functional and adaptive storage for the evolving workplace. Our design and manufacturing philosophy support our environmental credentials by ensuring that Planex products are not just elegant and original; they are durable and versatile and made from materials that can be readily re-used and recycled. 

To read the full details on Planex’s sustainable manufacturing processes download the Sustainability Report.

Download the report