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Planex to exhibit xLocker2 at FRONT 2019

24 . 07 . 2019

This year Planex will be exhibiting the prestigious Good Design Award winning xLocker2 storage system at FRONT 2019, 29 - 30 August at International Tower Three, 200 Barangaroo Avenue, Barangaroo, Sydney.

As part of our ongoing commitment to innovation and collaboration, Planex has partnered with Locktech AMS and Front to bring you a personal locker storage experience throughout the event. Come and explore for yourself the unique features of this versatile and adaptable locker system for the evolving activity-based workplace. On the Planex stand, we will have a full range of design options available for you to review including locking systems, colours and perforations.

We are also very proud to collaborate with Lucy Simpson from Gaawaa Miyay Studio who has developed two unique concepts for Planex’s xLocker2 system. Working with Lucy has been a privilege as she has captured a unique sensitivity of Australian culture and sense of place drawing on Baayangali (the natural world) and balance, commenting on sustainability, connection and belonging. 

About Lucy Simpson

Gaawaa Miyay, inspired by the first nations design principles and philosophy of sustainable useful and sophisticated design, embodying place + infused with story, Gaawaa Miyay is a studio which was founded in 2009 by (Sydney based) process led Yuwaalaraay designer and maker Lucy Simpson.

mapping place
signpost / marker / meeting point
translating the beautiful and original
patterns, lines, colours + textures of the
unique australian landscape
integrating practical design to
create, guide, inform + define
a celebration of australian
culture, story + design


About Locktech

The Locktech AMS (Asset Management System) is an expandable and flexible system, designed for today’s activity-based work environments. Locally designed, Locktech AMS is a hardware and software solution for managing access to personal storage, lockers and parcel delivery systems.

The system can be administered over a network or internet, which allows for easy management. It is simple to set up with its node to node connections and intelligent software that also facilitates configuration. The locker can be used by most access control credentials or by a pin, has universal latch compatibility and includes an internal USB charger and locker light.

Designed and assembled in Australia by Lock Focus - “Creating Solutions since 1972”