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Planex applauds Interior Design at RMIT

03 . 12 . 2019

As the discipline of Interior Design at RMIT celebrates its 80th anniversary, it is heartening to see that the faculty is more influential and relevant then ever before. From 1939 to 2019 the educators have welcomed, informed and made business ready myriad students who have passed through the numerous Interior Design programs available and many alumni are now at the forefront of the design community both in Australia and overseas.

Planex has developed a strong relationship with all areas of RMIT over the decades and, as a local manufacturer of adaptive steel storage, it has been a privilege and pleasure to be associated with the institution and its many faculties. We have supplied a plethora of product to multiple Departments that include, the School of Design, School of Architecture, School of Art, College of Design and Social Context, Computer Science, School of Engineering, Health Science Clinic, Science Engineering Health, School of Health and Biomendical Science, Applied Science and Physics.

As teaching and programs are important so too is the utility offered to help facilitate the best learning experiences and Planex lockers, tambours, horizontal plan cabinets, open bookshelves and pedestals have been constantly specified and installed throughout the university.

Planex’ connection to RMIT is not only confined to the supply of product but also through a personal connection. With a deep understanding of the importance of the University and in particular Interior Design, Karina Clarke, Business Development Manager at Planex, is herself a past student having completed a Bachelor of Arts and Interior Design, Honours in 1989. As an alumnus of Interior Design at RMIT Karina attended the celebratory event at the Capital Theatre in September and along with her peers paid tribute to the 80-year anniversary of Interior Design at the University. Karina commented, “ It is heartening to see that the Interior Design faculty at RMIT is progressing in leaps and bounds. My time spent as a student was the most important building block for my future career in design and it has been the catalyst to my future endeavours. Obtaining my degree enabled me to develop and sustain a pathway for my professional journey and I pay tribute to the institution and faculty that has helped facilitate my success.”       

As RMIT School of Design looks to the future with such initiatives as the establishment of the PhD Practice Research program and a Master of Interior Design program to commence in 2020, Planex is also moving forward creating and designing products that will complement future education and working environments.

Planex was conceived in 1972 and today is still a family-owned Australian business that has the experience to adapt and meet the ever-changing needs of a fast moving world.

Planex is proud to be a supporter of, and supplier to all RMIT faculties, however in 2019, we pay tribute to the discipline of Interior Design and its remarkable anniversary of 80 years. We look forward to celebrating the next 80 together.