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Planex welcomes Jacqui Yates

07 . 02 . 2020

It is with pleasure that Planex welcomes its newest member of the team, Jacqui Yates. Jacqui comes to Planex with an understanding of collaborative communication with architects, designers and builders and she brings a knowledge of providing customised product design coupled with excellent customer service.

Born in Emerald, South-East of Melbourne, Jacqui studied business at Swinburne University and then began work in Melbourne helping customers to design bespoke products. As she enjoyed the face-to-face interaction with clients she progressed to City Wide Waste Services where she gained insight into the environment and an understanding of sustainable practice. Moving on to Jetmaster, Jacqui enjoyed the opportunity to work with architects, designers and builders, becoming adept at understanding the nuances and details required when specifying product by the members of the architecture and design community.

After leaving Jetmaster Jacqui moved overseas with her husband and after some years abroad returned to Sydney to work at Signarama, a signage company. Here she was integral to providing service that would help define an architect’s wayfinding needs for multiple projects and further refined her knowledge with regard to custom product design.

Throughout her career, Jacqui has come to understand just how important the ideas of sustainability are both personally and to the planet, and it is fitting that she has joined the Planex team, where sustainability is such a priority. She has developed an environmental ethos that reflects the Planex ideal to ‘tread the earth lightly’ and understands the benefits of local design and manufacture. Jacqui commented, “It is great to work for a company that thinks about the little things just as much as the big things.”

Jacqui is looking forward to working successfully with her clients and she can be contacted at Planex, Sydney on 02 9517 24110436 846 534