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Planex Design

PlanexDesign is the creative partnership between designer Leo Ryner and Planex Director Jean-Pierre Jardel.  

As the future of the workplace changes, PlanexDesign's key focus is to develop furniture which inspires people to work more productively within flexible and agile workplaces. Incorporating traditional and contemporary manufacturing processes PlanexDesign develop recycled sheet metal into a sustainable and functional storage systems for commercial applications.

xLocker2 and Blox demonstrate PlanexDesign’s unique capability to create flexible solutions that can reused, recycled and reconfigured as staffing needs change or work environments evolve. Inspired by the cultural shift towards agile work styles PlanexDesign developed the highly successful xLocker range and Blox system to solve the problems associated with individual storage needs in agile work environments. 

Designed with longevity as a key priority, xLocker and Blox represent the design philosophy 'longevity not landfill' which is aligned with Planex's design philosophy of 'Built-Out Obsolescence.' 



Planex Design