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Guardian Early Learning Centre QLD

Guardian Early Learning Centre QLD

Planex worked closely with senior architect Christina Markham to create customised S-Series mobile shelving for children. Castors offer the perfect solution for childcare facilities, allowing for maximised floor space. The product features open shelving and lockable doors with the design ensuring no risk of children injuring themselves or getting hands or feet stuck in the cabinet. 

Project: Guardian Early Learning Group
Senior Architect: Christina Markham 
Site address: 201 Charlotte Street, Brisbane QLD 4000
Architectural Practice: SJB Architects 

Planex Product: S-Series Cabinet Mobile Lockable Storage & Shelving, Custom S-Series Mobile Tambour Unit with 8 Individual Lockers with Push Catch Doors, S-Series Custom Mobile Cabinet with Open Front, xLocker System, Virtu Pedestal