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The Star

Planex was engaged to supply acoustic rated Linea sliding door cabinets with Flox planter boxes tested to reduce workplace noise

Australia Rugby Centre

Planex were specified by designers to supply an end-of-journey locker storage solution for changing rooms and office staff

Cummins South Pacific

Planex were specified by designers to supply the xLocker2 System in a mix of grey and white powder coat finishes

Save The Children Australia

Save The Children Carlton HQ required a workplace locker storage solution for staff to store belongings

LCI Academy of Design

LCI required a customised locker storage solution for students to store and recharge laptops and portable devices

The Good Shed Docklands

The Good Shed Docklands specified Planex’s xLocker System as a centrally accessible storage solution for their new CBD offices

MK Lawyers

Office staff required flexible office locker storage for their belongings featuring a mail slot to deliver internal communications

Perth College

Perth College students required a locker solution suitable capable of supporting their flexible needs

NSW CBD Offices

A Sydney-based private advisory consulting firm located in the CBD required a locker storage solution for staff

Westmead Hospital

Westmead required a locker with RFID lock, mail slots and acoustic rated perforations to reduce workplace noise

Group GSA + Artillery

Planex’s low height steel lockers offer multi functionality acting as both a room divider and standing bench

Victorian Government Business Offices

Planex was engaged to supply VGBO with xLocker2 and Linea Sliding Door Cabinets in a monochromatic palette.

Vision Australia

Planex supplied custom lockers featuring Braille numbering to support visually impaired employees.


Planex was engaged to supply NDIA with a customised Braille locker system in a monochromatic colour scheme.

RMIT Design Hub

RMIT Design Hub is a progressive educational environment for a community of architects, designers, curators and students

Western Sydney University

Locker doors feature ‘X’ steel punch pattern perforations and are powder-coated in different colours across 10 levels.

Cbus Superannuation

xLocker2 system and Linea sliding door cabinet with Flox planter box tops were specified to add greenery.

Stonnington City Council

The unique design provides a fresh light interior across three levels, featuring open plan areas staff break rooms.

Peoples Choice Credit Union

PCCU has been buillt around activity-based working with a focus on environment, sustainability and workplace acoustics.


With a focus on wellness the South Australian office fitout features a end-of-journey lockers within it's flexible facility.

The Bureau of Meteorology

The Bureau required tambour storage with a matching planter top for their office.

Adele Bates Studio

Designed by Adele Bates the interior embodies elements of quality, custom design and timeless nature.


Melbourne digital agency Evolution7 have created an inspired space which incorporates a range of flexible working areas.

John Wardle Architects

The John Wardle team worked with Planex to create a custom Linea sliding door storage to support their diverse storage needs.

Police Health

Planex were specified to provide S-Series Tambour Door cabinets with Flox planter boxes to support the office storage needs.

Monash Capital

Planex were specified to provide stylish Linea Siding Door cabinets in blue to compliment the flexible and creative interior.

Cardijn College

Planex were specified to supply xLocker2 to provide the college with a wall of steel lockers.


The newly designed Sydney office introduces an activity based working culture to promote flexibility among workers.


The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency improves the quality and safety of Australia’s health services.

Design Tasmania

Design Tasmania promotes Tasmania as an island of innovation, design excellence and creativity.

Lonely Planet Melbourne

Lonely Planet's Melbourne Head Quarters in Carlton combines natural tones and bold injections of colour.

Planex NSW Showroom

Planex's new 300sqm Sydney showroom in Erskineville explores range of contemporary product solutions for the evolving workplace.


Planex’s steel lockers were specified to increase accessibility, maximise social connection points within the office.


Featuring Freefold punch pattern perforations, Planex’s steel lockers introduce a flexible end-of-journey experience to increase


Ian Moore Architects designed the stylish fit out for Michelle Bridges 12 WBT Head Office in Surry Hills, Sydney.

Vic Roads Melbourne

Vic Roads Melbourne office interior features Planex’s xLocker2 personal storage in a green and white palate featuring a dial lock

Telstra Discovery

Connecting breakout areas and meeting spaces the yellow and black lockers provide staff with a place to start and end their day

Vic Roads Kew

VicRoads Head Office plans, develops and manages the arterial road network and delivers road safety initiatives.

Guardian Early Learning Centre QLD

Castors offer the perfect solution for childcare facilities allowing for maximised floor space.

Swarovski International

The World Is Round’s interior fit-out transforms Swarovski’s new headquarters with a classic palate abundant in natural light.

Canon HQ

Shortlisted for the 2015 Australian Interior Design Awards, Canon’s new head office presents an attractive, flexible workplace.

Bendigo Bank Adelaide

80 Grenfell Street's purpose-built 11-storey office tower boasts an innovative five star Green Star architectural design.


In2Ski's well defined interior features a cool palate with splashes of citrus.

Sportsbet Melbourne

Improving their existing tenancy at 367 Collins Street over 5 continuous floors, the interior incorporates open plan areas.

Simplot Mentone

Leading Australian food manufacturer Simplot’s office interior features Planex’s xLocker2 personal storage with a green and white.

Peters Icecream

Planex were specified to provide S-Series Tambour Door cabinets to support the office’s multiple storage requirements.

Lend Lease

The ACT Government 8,400m² Gungahlin office fitout is a new initiative in workplace design.

Pacific Brands

Exhibiting vast colours and textures, Pacific Brands new HQ presents a fresh and playful take on the evolving workplace.


Serviceworks HQ in Melbourne responds to the company’s ethos with the creation of a fun and vibrant workplace.


Colour plays a major role in defining key spaces and zones throughout this office interior.


Interactive environments have been created through the clever interplay of materials and finishes alike

Artillery Willis

Big, open and transparent are words that both sum up the architectural brief and describe the very essence of this interior.

Zig Inge

Polished concrete floors, coupled with steel storage, exposed formwork and splashes of colour create a resolved interior


A unique workplace that fosters ‘wellness’ as a key concept to pay homage to the brands core business.

Collins Towers

This traditional office space located in Collin’s Towers Melbourne features a pared back minimal materials palette in white.


Communal break out areas promote collaboration and creativity via bold storage colours.

Toyota W.A

A mature and refined design ensures longevity, an aesthetic commonly associated with the brand.

NAB Invest

Centralised storage with the addition of plants work to connect spaces and improve air quality throughout this refined interior.


Subtle textures introduced through storage furniture create a sophisticated and timeless interior.


Highlighting open plan spaces, this interior is flooded with natural light and Docklands views.


A transformative space full of purpose built furniture, strong colours and bold textiles.