Project: Ausgrid
Practice: Group GSA
Location: Sydney, NSW
Planex products: Linea Sliding Door Cabinet, Flox Planter Box

Ausgrid sought to create a unique workplace environment that was conceptually led by indigenous artist Lucy Simpson and Ausgrid’s Indigenous Representatives. Group GSA was engaged to undertake this project and working in collaboration with Lucy created an interior workplace that is a sincere representation of the local indigenous nations.

Lucy’s conceptual research centred around traditional indigenous fire-stick farming and care of the country. The concept evolved to replicate the idea of lightning, the strike to the earth, the spark that ignites, and from that, the growth and the new life that is a timeless cycle. In Yuwaalaraay, this cycle is known as ‘Baayangali’ and it means ‘the system in the natural world by which everything connects.’

Planex provided the Linea dual access storage system, fitted with acoustic rated sound-absorbing material.

Planex also engaged Lucy Simpson in 2019 to develop some original design punch patterns that can be applied to our xLocker2 and Linea storage systems.

Photography by Julia Charles