Barkly Street Collective

Project: Barkly Street Collective
Practice: Hip V. Hype
Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Planex products: Linea Sliding Door Cabinet

Barkly Street Collective was enabled by Hip V. Hype as a workshare space for sustainably-minded businesses seeking to create better products, services, systems and buildings for the future. The space combines a workspace, product showroom, as well as catering for a range of events. Hip V. Hype said “in designing the space, we have attempted to find a balance between quality, durability and value. Importantly, we have focused on low impact, responsibly sourced products and materials with low embodied energy”. According to the team, Planex’s Linea cabinets in pale eucalypt are “great for storage but also help to partition the space and soften acoustics.”

Photography by Tess Kelly