Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA)

Project: Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA)
Practice: The Mill Architecture + Design
Construction: Projex Building Group
Location: Canberra, ACT
Planex products: xLocker2 System and S-Series SM Tambour Door Cabinet with Flox Planter Box
Lock technology: Gallagher

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) recently established its new head office at 18 Marcus Clarke Street, Canberra, spanning 6600 square metres over three levels. The design, executed by The Mill Architecture + Design aimed to create an efficient, flexible and adaptable space reflecting CASA’s commitment to an agile working model and professional image.

Efficiency in space usage was a core goal, aiming to minimize costs and align with government space targets. This approach is critical for a streamlined, cost-effective operation, making optimal use of every area in the office.

Economic use of the workspace was another key objective. The design’s versatility allows for the use of components in various settings, simplifying adaptation to changes by moving people rather than walls. This flexibility is cost-effective and reduces the need for extensive renovations.

The design also focused on flexibility and adaptability, allowing staff to use different areas for varying tasks. This adaptability is essential for CASA to smoothly transition through changes without altering the physical layout.

Sarah Welsh, Director and lead Interior Designer on the project said “A significant feature in achieving CASA’s agile working environment was the integration of the Planex xLocker2 system. This locker system was chosen for its ability to integrate with the Gallagher security system, offering functionality and durability. With a substantial number of lockers throughout the space, the customization of locker facings was crucial in their selection. This feature significantly contributed to the visual success of the space.”

The use of Planex S-Series tambours with Flox planters introduced a significant amount of plants/greening to the work environment that promotes the well-being and productivity of staff, while also emphasizing environmental sustainability.

Lastly, congratulations to Sarah and her team for achieving an office design that supports rapid adaptation to organizational changes and growth, reinforcing CASA’s image as a leading aviation authority.

Photography by H Creations
Adam McGrath