Department of Transport (DoT)

Project: Department of Transport
Practice: KHID
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Planex products: xLocker2 System, Linea Sliding Door Cabinet, Flox Planter Box
Lock technology: Lock Focus

The new Department of Transport (DoT) offices are an innovative and creative project from KHID. The design with a light, bright colour palette is a mix of open plan, with workstations, quiet rooms, meeting rooms and a large communal breakout space on each of seven floors.

The xLocker2 system in a natural steel finish on doors and a black surround feature in the open plan areas at the end of groupings of workstations, while Linea Sliding Door Cabinets and Flox Planter Boxes have also been included to delineate areas and provide privacy.

Photography by Dianna Snape