MK Lawyers

Project: MK Lawyers
Practice: Group GSA Artillery
Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Planex products: xLocker2 System, Fatfile Swing Door Cabinets
Lock technology: Lehmann

Macpherson Kelley, a full-service commercial law firm recently upgraded their South-Eastern offices located in Dandenong. Designed by Group GSA Artillery, the interior features a circular open-plan area with quiet spaces and meeting rooms connected by a walkway leading into workstations and lockers located on the periphery.

Office staff required flexible office locker storage for their belongings and to deliver internal communications. The designers specified Planex’s xLocker2 System in a range of blue, green, pink, purple and orange powder coat colours featuring X-perforated punch patterns and a mail slot. Locker banks were placed in areas to colour-match and complement existing joinery within the architectural layout. Fatfile swing door cabinets were also specified in raw metal and placed within meeting rooms and lounge areas, complementing the executive aesthetic of the interior.