RMIT STEM Department

Project: RMIT STEM Department – Building 14 Level 13
Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Planex products: xLocker2 System
Lock technology: Lock Focus Apex 3780

This case study highlights how Planex’s commitment to personalization and customization empowered Nigel Curwell, Technical Coordinator at the Stem College Hub, and his team to transform their space using the xLocker2 system. While some clients may find the array of choices overwhelming, Curwell and his team saw it as an opportunity to infuse colour and dynamism into their environment.

Drawing inspiration from their risk assessment manual, the team opted for a vibrant palette, enhanced by incorporating Lucy Simpson’s latest design, “Miimii,” meaning Rivers Edge / Grandmother. Miimii speaks of relationships between land, water and sky, and traces the meeting point of opposites, a narrative of time, reflection and duality … gentle yet powerful, ever-changing yet constant. This collaborative effort resulted in a striking bank of lockers that not only enlivens the space but also brings immense joy to staff and students at the STEM College.

By leveraging Planex’s versatile solutions and embracing indigenous design, Curwell and his team crafted a unique and uplifting environment tailored to their needs and preferences. This case exemplifies how thoughtful customization can foster a sense of ownership and delight among users while enhancing the overall aesthetic and functionality of a space.

Photography by Bonnie Savage