Transport Accident Commission (TAC)

Project: Transport Accident Commission (TAC)
Location: Geelong, Victoria
Planex products: xLocker2 System
Lock technology: Gallagher Smart Lock

In 2021, Planex was commissioned by the Transport Accident Commission to integrate the xLocker2 System over 6 floors of their head office in Geelong, Victoria. They had recently undertaken an Aboriginal Reconciliation Action Plan and as such the TAC Board requested to work directly with First Nations artist Lucy Simpson on the project.

Lucy Simpson, from Gaaway Miyay Studios, designed 3 exclusive perforation patterns for Planex in 2019. The TAC selected two of Lucy’s patterns to be used on the xLocker2 System across all floors. The two designs selected were Buunhu (Kangaroo grass) and Yuurra-gi (speaks of movement). The designs capture a unique sensitivity of place, drawing on Baayangali (the natural world) and balance, commenting on sustainability, connection and belonging.

The TAC worked closely with a disability advisor on this project in order to ascertain maximum accessibility for all users of the lockers. Revisions were made so that the access reader accommodated people in wheelchairs. Locker door numbers were presented in braille, and Lucy worked with Planex to identify the best arrangement of the lockers with a curated colour palette that accommodated tonal differences for visually impaired people.

Planex installed 1431 lockers across 6 floors using Gallagher Smart Lock technology.

Photography by Tess Kelly