Manufacturing in Action : Planex Factory Tour

10 . 10 . 2019


“It’s so rewarding to be able to share our passion for manufacturing and see how people react to products actually being made.” Jean-Pierre Jardel.

On Wednesday 9th November Planex had the pleasure of hosting a factory tour for Melbourne DIA members. It’s always amazing to see how visitors, not necessarily familiar with a modern manufacturing environment, react when they see a familiar product being actually manufactured first-hand.

The tour was led by the Director and owner of the business Jean-Pierre Jardel, whose enthusiasm and knowledge of sheet metal manufacturing systems make Planex a leader in the field. The group were led through all aspects of the manufacturing process and were able to actually see, feel, and hear products being created. No virtual reality here!

Jean-Pierre Jardel provided insights into the Planex design philosophy while Karina Clarke spoke on our engagement with indigenous designer Lucy Simpson in providing Planex with a cultural perspective. To round it off, Robert Gianello outlined our engagement with Sustainability Victoria to minimise Planex’s environmental footprint.

The Planex factory tour will be an ongoing event within our yearly calendar so keep an eye out for the next one via our social media channels.