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Foldi - Desk Accessories

Planex is excited to launch Foldi, a brand new collection of designer desk accessories for the office and home.

Foldi is a collection of five exciting products that will help contain the clutter, organise pens, keep files together and accommodate papers on your desktop…wherever you work.

The products arrive flat-packed and are simple and easy to fold into shape. The range consists of a folder file, a mini organiser, a pen/pencil holder, a paper tray and a document/device stand. The final products are finished in a textured powder coat with a basic colour palette of black, white, red, orange, yellow, eucalypt green and sage green.

Enjoy the Foldi collection in one colour or mix and match, the choice is yours.

Manufacturer: Planex Sales Pty Ltd
Location: Hallam, Melbourne

Dimensions  Length Width Height Weight (g)
Folder File          
Flat   696 398 1.0  1465
Assembled   303 200 201 1465
Document Stand        
Flat 210 281 1.0 378
Assembled 210 139 220 378
Mini Organiser        
Flat 210 301 1.0 384
Assembled 210 100 130 384
Paper Tray        
Flat 401 368 1.0 974
Assembled 248 301 80 974
Pen + Pencil Holder        
Flat 173 151 1.0 150
Assembled 71 39 110 150

*Once folded into shape, Foldi cannot be folded flat again as this will cause the micro joints to break


  • 100% recyclable BlueScope steel (with 20% recycled content)


  • Textured White (WMX), Textured Black (BKT), Textured Sage Green (GRG), Orange X15 Ripple Gloss (OGR), Lemon Yellow Gloss (LMY) and Signal Red Gloss (RDS) 

Product Features

  • Rubber grommets to protect desk surfaces


  • Made in Melbourne, Australia using locally sourced materials
  • Manufactured for disassembly
  • Polymer parts labelled for segregation and sorting 
  • Iron phosphate pre-treatment AS2331.3.1-2001 Method 3.1
  • Planex factory uses a 100Kw roof-mounted solar array to provide up to 25% of manufacturing electricity needs

Environmental Certification

  • Production facility certified ISO14001 and ISO9001
  • Tested VOC compliant 

Designer: Planex