Dexus Spec Suite

Project: Dexus Spec Suite
Practice: Group GSA
Location: 80 Collins St, Melbourne
Planex products: xLocker2 System, Flox Planter Box
Lock technology: Lehmann Horizontal combination pin lock

During the height of Covid architects and designers undertook extensive research into different ways to future-proof the workplace. A number of spec suites were commissioned to help businesses conceptualise how their office environments could adapt, now that we are all learning to live with Covid. An example of this is 80 Collins Street, Melbourne designed by Group GSA.

With most businesses adopting a hybrid model of working it allows businesses to disperse the workers across a floor and provide them with greater diversity in workspaces; from enclosed meeting rooms of various sizes, breakout areas and larger workstations. In this instance, xLocker2 with Flox planters were positioned at the end of the workstation rows which enables privacy for the workers and reduces the number of people accessing a personal locker throughout the day in one location.

Photography by Lisbeth Grosmann