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Horizontal Plan Cabinet

Horizontal Plan Cabinet

A traditional plan chest suited to paper sizes A1 to AO.

Available in either 5 or 10 drawer models, Horizontal Plan Cabinets are suitable for storing thick or fragile items or situations where attaching an adhesive strip is not appropriate. Available with optional castors or stand Horizontal Plan Cabinets can be stacked two high. Available in 3 sheets sizes. Download the product files below for full specification details.

Manufacturer: Planex Sales Pty Ltd
Location: Hallam, Melbourne
Warranty: Ten years


Code (ISO A1)         Height Width Depth
16-HA-5  470 950 650
16-HA-10 470 950 650
Code (ISO B1)         Height Width Depth
16-HB-5  470 1170 900
16-HB-10 470 1170 900
Code (ISO AO)        Height Width Depth
16-HC-5 470 1295 900
16-HC-10 470 1295 900


  • Welded body made of 100% recyclable BlueScope steel (with up to 20% recycled content)


  • Standard powder coats available in 300+ colours/finishes 

Product Features

  • A1 max sheet size 865 x 605
  • B1 max sheet size 1085 x 850
  • AO max sheet size 1210 x 850
  • 5 drawer internal drawer height 50mm 
  • 10 drawer internal drawer height 25mm
  • 5 drawer internal drawer height 50mm 
  • 10 drawer internal drawer height 25mm
  • A full-width metal return at rear of the drawer prevents plans from being damaged or curling
  • A chromed rod flap at the front of the drawer keeps plans flat


  • Made in Melbourne, Australia using locally sourced materials
  • Manufactured for disassembly
  • Polymer parts labelled for segregation and sorting 
  • Iron phosphate pre-treatment AS2331.3.1-2001 Method 3.1
  • Planex factory uses a 100kW roof-mounted solar array to provide up to 25% of manufacturing electricity needs

Environmental Certification

  • ISO14001 and ISO9001 production facility 
  • VOC tested compliant
  • May contribute towards GreenStar credit points

Designer: Planex