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Flox Planter Box

Flox Planter Box

Breathe new life and style into the landscape of any office interior with Flox Planter Box.

Flox is a collection of unique plant display units 275mm high for 10-inch (250mm) pots that can double as a mobile screen or room divider. Light and airy with a delicate pattern of perforations that reflects the randomness of nature. Available in 1 height and 4 widths. Download the product files below for full specification details.

Manufacturer: Planex Sales Pty Ltd
Location: Hallam, Melbourne
Warranty: Ten years


Code (8” pots 200mm) Height Width Depth Pots
Linea Flox        
18-LINEA-FLOX-1200    225 1200 455 4
18-LINEA-FLOX-1600   225 1600 455 5
18-LINEA-FLOX-1800   225 1800 455  6
18-LINEA-FLOX-2000   225 2000 455 7
S-Series and Virtu Flox        
17-FLOX-0900-0500-0225 225 900 500 3
17-FLOX-1050-0500-0225  225 1050 500 3
17-FLOX-1200-0500-0225  225 1200 500 4
xLocker2 Flox        
  225 * 500  

 * Width of Flox determined by locker configuration


  • Welded body made of 100% recyclable BlueScope steel (with up to 20% recycled content)


  • Standard powder coats available in 300+ colours/finishes 

Product Features

  • Perforated design to match Freefold Screen 
  • Removable drip tray to protect from overwatering 
  • Removable pot tray allowance for pebble layer 
  • Designed for house plants using 8’’ pots


  • Made in Melbourne, Australia using locally sourced materials
  • Manufactured for disassembly
  • Polymer parts labelled for segregation and sorting 
  • Iron phosphate pre-treatment AS2331.3.1-2001 Method 3.1
  • Planex factory uses a 100kW roof-mounted solar array to provide up to 25% of manufacturing electricity needs

Environmental Certification

  • ISO14001 and ISO9001 production facility 
  • VOC tested compliant
  • May contribute towards GreenStar credit points
  • GECA Certified FFv3.02017 Level B Standard Furniture & Fittings

Designer:  Planex