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X-System Shelving

X-System Shelving

X-System is a system for creative play. The highly customisable shelving system means no two installations need be the same. 

X-System is a clever custom shelving solution. It comprises two parts - the X pillar and a shelf that can be trimmed, joined to any length, or even travel around corners. From a simple credenza to an extensive wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling structure, X-System is significant for its made-to-order modular design. A custom shelving system designed for unique installations, download the product files below for full specification details.

Manufacturer: Planex Sales Pty Ltd
Location: Hallam, Melbourne
Warranty: Ten years

X-System Parts: 

  • Standard or Custom Shelf Custom corner shelf
  • X-Pillar end caps
  • Feet assembly with height adjustable glides


Code (Standard Shelf) Length Height Depth
19-X-SHU-1200                      1200 38 420
19-X-SHU-2400 2400 38 420
19-X-SHU-3600 3600 38 420

*Tailor-made shelf lengths provide limitless installation options

Code (Custom Shelf) Length Height Depth
19-X-SHU-C                                 900 - 400 38 420

*X-System shelves can be joined/trimmed to tailored lengths able to fit any space

Code (Custom Corner Shelf) Length Height Depth
19-X-SHU-CR 375 38 420

*Measure longest side of corner shelf

Code (X-Pillar) Length Height Depth
19-X-XS                                 375 65 375
Code (Standard Shelf) Length Height Depth
19-X-FEET-ASM                    50 45 80
19-X-FEET-ASM4 50 45 80
19-X-FEET-ASM6 50 45 80


  • Welded body made of 100% recyclable steel (with up to 20% recycled content)
  • X pillar and a shelf 100% extruded and cast aluminium


  • Standard powder coats available in 150+ colours/finishes 

Product Features

  • Modular shelving system
  • Comprises of 2 sections - the X pillar and a shelf made to any length 100% extruded and cast aluminium

Accessories Ordered Separately

  • Screen Bookend
  • Wall Bracket (essential for the X-System 1610 high and above)
  • Seat Cushion


  • Made in Melbourne, Australia using locally sourced materials
  • Manufactured for disassembly
  • Polymer parts labelled for segregation and sorting 
  • Iron phosphate pre-treatment AS2331.3.1-2001 Method 3.1
  • Planex factory uses a 100kW roof-mounted solar array to provide up to 25% of manufacturing electricity needs

Environmental Certification

  • ISO14001 and ISO9001 production facility 
  • VOC tested compliant
  • May contribute towards GreenStar credit points

Designer: Alexander Lotersztain