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Benefits Of Australian Made

Australia has a reputation for manufacturing world-class furniture designs and when you support local manufacturing you ensure that top quality products can continue being produced. By purchasing Australian-made products, you're not just supporting local businesses - you're keeping manufacturing alive in Australia.

Short Lead Times
Short lead times for design, manufacture and delivery supply allow local companies to run much more efficiently and allow manufacturers to be flexible to changing demands.

Local companies can create custom storage solutions and are equipped with the experience, prototyping and production equipment to manufacture customers original designs.

Support Local Designers
Australian products are known for their superior quality and durability and supporting local businesses is a great way to invest in the design community. When you purchase Australian made you support designers to continue to innovate and create locally manufactured furniture.

Avoid Replicas and Support Authentic Original Design
Competition from the international production of inferior replicas makes it increasingly challenging for architects and designers to choose the most suitable products for commercial interior projects while meeting specification requirements.

Reduce Travel Miles
Purchasing locally reduces travel miles and is good for the environment. The amount of C02 and greenhouse gases emitted from products in transit is a key concern when measuring the sustainability of an item. 

Reduce Damage In Transit
Furniture that's travelled a long distance often doesn't look as good as locally delivered products. Many times, products become damaged or worn during shipping. When something spends hours in a truck before arriving at its destination, it shows even when its wrapped by skilled professionals.

Buy Products that Meet Australian Standards 
Australian furniture has very high standards when it comes durability and fitness for purpose. As a result, you're much more likely to find premium furniture solutions locally that overseas.

Have an Easier Time with Warranties
Purchasing Australian makes assistance with parts and services easier for the customer. Additionally, products can be conveniently repaired or refinished locally. Although foreign products usually come with warranties, utilising those warranties can be problematic and dealing with overseas companies can be a difficult process.