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For visually stunning, innovative, and functional custom lockers that your end-users will love, buy from our award-winning range at Planex today - your Australian-owned, world-class manufacturer of custom furniture and storage solutions.

Our lockers are modular configurations that can be designed to any height and come in two width sizes - 300 wide and 400 wide.

Choose from over 150 different colours and endless possibilities in customisation. Whether you’re looking to buy lockers with integrated smart security technology, fitted castors for portability, shelving options, or anything else, Planex will deliver the perfect locker unit storage solution for your needs.

Our xLocker2 system is among the most popular personalised locker solutions at Planex - featuring a sturdy steel build, fast and easy assembly, as well perforated patterns with acoustic backed material.

To get further information on our range of locker products for sale including your customisation options, costs, and more, get in touch online or call the team at Planex today.

Flexible Custom Locker Solutions To Suit Your Needs

At Planex, our locker designs provide superior levels of flexibility and value compared to traditional storage solutions.

We ensure that the custom lockers you buy from Planex are easy to use and can quickly be disassembled, reconfigured, and reused as your needs change. This will ultimately eliminate the need for you to buy new lockers each time, which minimises your costs significantly.

Adaptive To a Range of Different Industries

Our locker storage solutions are designed for a range of businesses and organisations in commercial, education, health, government, sports, hospitality and more.

Whether you’re after custom designed lockers for sale to be used in offices, schools, hospitals, government organisations and councils, gyms, shops, or in any other setting, Planex will deliver on promises for elegant, versatile and functional locker storage solutions that are perfectly aligned with your storage needs. 

Environmentally Responsible Production & Design

At Planex, we provide lockers and other storage solutions that not only boast beautiful aesthetics and purpose-driven functionality, but are made with environmentally responsible design and best practices.

Our custom locker products are the first in Australia to receive the AFRDI Blue & Green Tick and Level A Platinum certification - which passes high standards in terms of function, performance, and safety, as well as ethical sourcing of raw materials, responsible use of water and energy, waste minimisation and product longevity as well as recyclability.

For the list of specifications, colour options, photos, and other details regarding our Planex custom locker solutions, head over to our locker products page or call us to find out more. You can also view our previously completed projects and case studies page to see for yourself the impressive quality of storage solutions that Planex has to offer.

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